In the absence of a child from the nursery:

1. For more than 10 days, the parents present a note from the GP that the child is healthy and has not been in contact with an infected person.

2. In the absence of more than one month, a single bacteriological test for pathogenic intestinal micro-organisms with a negative result only on epidemiological indications is required.

3. In the absence for more than two months - a single negative result for intestinal parasites according to Ordinance No. 5 of 2006 on the diagnosis, prevention and control of local parasitosis (State Gazette, issue 40 of 2006).

New textbooks:

We bought new textbooks on programming system "Friends" of "Anubis" Publishers.

New cleaning system:

We're already cleaning with Kobold's new Kobold VK200 cleaning system on the Vorwerk. Filter pouch Kobold Premium FP200 improves air quality, which is extremely useful. It retains 99.9% of the fine dust particles that cause allergies. With this system, we not only clean, but also filter the air.