About us

The private

nursery "Galabce"

is open all year round for the youngest in the district. Lyulin. We are housed in an independent and spacious new building with a total area of 230 sq.m. and secured, beautifully painted courtyard.

The nursery was built on a modern project, conforming to the regulatory requirements of the Public Benefit Office of the Ministry of Environment and Waters. The facilities meet all the requirements for healthy, safe childcare, education and training.

We have two groups. For each school year, we accept two sets, the larger of which receives 1 point. for admission to a municipal kindergarten according to No. 5 Article 18 of the general criteria in Sofia Municipality. (The point is earned in the year when the child turns 3 years old.)

We're cleaning with Kobold's new Kobold VK200 cleaning system on the Vorwerk. Filter pouch Kobold Premium FP200 improves air quality, which is extremely useful. It retains 99.9% of the fine dust particles that cause allergies. With this system, we not only clean, but also filter the air.

Day-to-day contact between parents and educators maintains mutual trust and serenity, and allows for the exchange of information on the development and behavior of the child. All this helps the harmonious mental and physical growth of the little person.

The pedagogical situations are conducted with the help of the textbooks from the program systems "I am in the nursery" of the publishing house "Izkustva", "Friends" of the publishing house "Anubis" and "Wonderful world" of the publishing house "Prosveta".

We work in small groups that allow for individual activities with each child, according to their age, desires and needs.

For the convenience of parents, it is possible to leave baby carriages at our place during the day.

The smooth transition from the family to the new environment is of utmost importance. In our nursery, this is a top priority!
about us