Education and training

The game with its socializing and educating function is the main method of interaction in our nursery. Through it we realize the goals and tasks of education and training during the early childhood. In Bulgaria it emerged as a science in the fifties of the last century and Prof. Vasilka Manova-Tomova was the main contributor to this.

The purpose of early childhood education is harmonious mental and physical development.
The main tasks of education, which gradually differentiate until the end of the second year, are physical, mental and moral upbringing.
Physical education

This includes: timely and proper physical development and development of the movements; education of motor, health-hygienic and cultural habits; prevention of diseases and gradual quenching of the child's organism. The most important thing is the control of walking.
Mental education

It is realized by: learning a system of knowledge about objects from reality; learning of mental labor; the formation of curiosity and the desire to perform mental work. The greatest share in early childhood is sensory education - development of sensory and subject activity. As the highest mental manifestation is the development of speech.

For children over 2 years old. we offer teaching English speaking moments with songs, didactic material and verbalisation.
Moral education

His main tasks are: to develop a positive attitude towards adults; forming a positive attitude towards peers; educating certain positive features of the personality and qualities of the personality, such as autonomy, initiative, performance, curiosity, observability, striving to end the beginning to the end, etc.; education in cultural behavior and respect for verbalism in it; educating elementary household skills and self-care and adult help. The main method of moral education is the example of the adult and his approval and disapproval.
The main purpose of organized learning activities is to master a certain range of knowledge, skills and habits
The tasks through which they are carried out are:

Activities for the development of general motor skills.

- Things to develop fine motoring.

- Efforts to develop and educate emotions.

- Speech development activities.
Language education

education and training